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Celeste Champagne

Frédérick Celest – Champenois

Since the age of 8, Frédérick Celest, has had a fascination with the bubbly wine.  Is that because his father hails from the wine region that is synonymous with la joie de vivre?  Undoubtedly. It’s in his blood!

Years as a professional pilot have afforded him the indulgence of sipping the golden bubbles not only at the four corners of the world, but also at 41,000 feet under celestial skies while entertaining private clients.

A remarkable day came in 2015 when Frédérick decided to reach out to a family friend, the proprietor of a Maison de Champagne founded in 1899, located in the village of Damery in the heart of Champagne.  The two partnered to create a heritage based, modern Champagne – CELEST Champagne was born.

I love the distinctive smell of Champagne. It’s so much more exciting than wine. I could almost have it for breakfast”, says Celest.

CELEST Champagne is a new champagne brand. Like its French founder, it is both classic with a modern vision. In the heart of Champagne, in Damery, a stone-throw from Épernay, the wines are elaborated in the pure traditional méthode champenoise, expertly crafted and marked by the elegance of the diamond label.

Imagine the uplifting pop of a champagne cork announcing the best of times. Let CELEST Champagne transport you to the heights of luxury à la française. Your lips lingering on the rim of your flute sipping on its light bubbles; your spirit drifting into an imaginary universe filled with stars.

A mix of tradition and modernity, celestial skies and bubbles, this is our story.

CELEST Champagne!

CELEST Luminous - Sparkling bottle